Book Club, First Fiction Pick

Our favorite Red Headed Editor is ready to host the first Fiction Book Club pick.
The Innocent by David Baldacci
     The Innocent is the first in the Will Robie series.  Robie is the man that our government calls on when a job needs to be done that no one else can or will take on.  In the spirit of Jack Bauer (24) and Mitch Rapp (the counter terrorism CIA operative in the Vince Flynn novels), Robie fights to eradicate the enemies of our country, no questions asked.  He has a heart that he tries to ignore, a bravery that leaves us mere mortals in awe and skills that he must keep under control.
     In this first of three books, Robie is dispatched to eliminate a target but the hit goes wrong and he becomes the target.   He must make difficult choices and all of his skills are tested as he runs for his life.
     This is a good read if you like fast moving plots with twists and turns.  Profanity is scattered and there is no illicit sexual content.  I know……hard to believe, right?
     There is no such thing as a perfect book but this character develops so that you will look forward to reading about him again in the next Will Robie book.
We will pick up the discussion in two weeks so get reading. Let us know what you think of this book.

Fun Stories Round Up

On a Tuesday morning, in which deadlines loom, we should all take a moment to breath in the ridiculous behavior of others (or internet news).

In case odd attractions in which people congregate are your cup of tea, (I am talking to you ComicCon regulars.) you might want to mark your calendar next year for the annual New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival. This year a giant Yoda head was featured. How could I have missed that?

Not to worry, you can still make it for Punkin Chunkin in just a few weeks.

In strangely awesome news. A man tried to run in a giant bubble across the ocean from Florida to Bermuda (1033 miles). Not shockingly our tax dollars went to work fishing him out. How has my husband not tried this?

Never rob a house after a big meal. Dion Davis, a burglar in Florida may have learned this the hard way. He fell asleep in the home he was robbing next to a bag of jewelery. The police had to wake him up. I wonder if they gently stroked his forehead.

My favorite article for Monday was (Drum Role) Your Cat Doesn’t Like To Be Pet, Because Cats Are Awful.

MomNod’s Book Club

So excited to start out new book club. We will be featuring three different books (one indie and/or self-published, a traditionally published fiction selection, and a non-fiction). Each feature will be hosted by a different member of our team. I am really excited about finding some hidden gems in the indie category. Please share your favorites.

Wait, What, Why

This is a little blog segment I like to call Wait, What, Why. For the next two minutes, I will walk you through a few current events you may have been lucky enough to miss.

In Twitter News, yesterday the following popular hashtag popped up. #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola

There is not much to editorialize regarding this trend. I just thought you should know 20 somethings, who do not label themselves hipsters (surrounded by cats and laptops while wearing plaid) came up with this idea and found it amusing. Apparently so did many others who participated. Why can’t smart kids use their time making robots like those nice boys in Japan?

 Molecular compounds were found in deep space, meaning aliens could exist (long pause) again. The scientific community and trailer dwellers everywhere (in the desert) are in a tizzy. This is almost as exciting as that news story I did not click on last week or the week before that.

 Speaking of those nice kids in Japan, they created a snuggle chair. Do not be mislead, this was not designed for multiple humans to snuggle but, wait for it, the chair hugs back. Apparently loneliness is running rampant amongst Japans youth. What better way to improve one’s self-image than to curl up with an inanimate object.


If Strong Is The New Beautiful Then What Is Exhausted?

I love the whole strong is beautiful movement happening thanks an all out marketing campaign for “the box”. For all of you, who like me are afraid of the super fit,  “the box”  is what cellulite free-people call Crossfit. I am not sure because my finger is not anywhere near the pulse, but I think Crossfit may be on it’s way out and defense exercise is now the cool workout method. That last statement has no relevance, but I did want you to know that I might be aware of fitness trends for which I do not participate. Anyway, thanks to “the box” a huge movement has occurred supporting strong athletic women over anorexia. You have probably heard the term Strong is Beautiful being touted next to images of attractive women sweating. Anyway, this is my longwinded approach to stating tired moms need our own campaign. I want to promote half brushed hair and cereal stains as hot. Who is with me?
Slogan Ideas?

5 Things I learned From Punkin Chunkin

It is sad but true that my family and I spent much of our Sunday evening enjoying the riveting world of Punkin Chunkin thanks to On Demand programming and the charismatic cast of Mythbusters . We had to gear up (no pun intended) for the 2014 World Championship coming in late October. If you have not heard of the cult-like competition, I will be happy to waste your time by filling you in. Thousands of people gather each year to support hundreds of hopefuls all vying for the Punkin Chunkin championship. The rustic trophy of an unshaven man holding a giant pumpkin makes many a physicist heart go pitter patter. The marketing potential is endless as teams brandish names such as Sir Chunks A Lot, Chunk Norris, and my favorite Shooda Noed Beter. All rights, I am sure, are reserved. Anyway, adults and youth alike build contraptions to see who can, as you may have guessed, chunk pumpkins the farthest. There are various categories from human powered to air cannons. My favorite category has to be human powered because spending six figures on an air cannon seems a bit pricey for the prestigious pumpkin title. Anyway this is what I learned.

  1. Nerds are awesome
  2. Dentists and Physics Teachers have secret lives in which they dress in chain link and wear self-made horned (for no obvious reason) pumpkin crowns
  3. When people grow out of Star Wars conventions they start building things
  4. There is something freeing about covering one’s self completely in pumpkin patterns
  5. Kari Byron never ages. What is the deal?